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Canada is one of the top international student destinations in the world.


Canadian schools offer quality education with exceptionally affordable tuition rates in a country which boasts one of the highest rates of international student satisfaction in the world. With exceptional world-class facilities, the Canadian education system maintains high standards of academic excellence that promises an enriching career.

How do we help YOU?

Pre-Application Support

Based on your career interest, we provide information on

  • Schools offering desired programs

  • Programs details such as key elements of their study plans such as duration, tuition fees, entry requirements

  • Browse course details

  • Student visa rules 


  • We complete a thorough review of all applications, ensuring correctness, completeness and accuracy before submitting to our partner schools

  • Ensure only high-quality applications are submitted with complete and relevant documentation, including appropriate fees.


  • Our certified Immigration Consultants can help you process your visa application and permits


  • We can help you book your flight to Canada, manage your airport pickup and dropoff, open your bank account and get you connected with your SIM card on arrival

Settle In

  • We can help you with your accommodation search, prior to your arrival in Canada

Learn More
1. Find the right program
Answer 6 simple questions to determine for which programs you are guaranteed a 95% chance of acceptance.
2. Submit your application
Complete your profile, pay the application fee, and submit your documents - all in your ApplyBoard Dashboard!
3. Get accepted
Get your acceptance letter within 30 to 60 days.
4. Apply for your visa
We provide you with free guidance to make sure you have the best chances of getting your student visa.
5. Fly to Canada or the USA
Book your plane ticket and begin your education abroad!
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